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Dated: December 29 2020

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What a crazy year it has been. Global warming, fires, earthquakes, civil unrest, election insanity, you name it we have had to face it head-on. As we draw 2020 to a close I wanted to post MY favorite things of 2020. I wanted to honor the people, places, and things that helped bring me a little joy and comfort in a very chaotic world.

 So here we go:

 Netflix- The Queens Gambit- I actually felt smarter at the end of the series. That was one smart chick!

Books - Outwitting The Devil (always makes my list but especially now) and a newcomer Woman Up (I knew God made women to lead! ) Both of these books were written by dear friends I love and admire. They both will change your life I promise.

TV Series- Filthy Rich with Kim Catral (Rumor has it Fox canceled it, BIG Mistake) Kinda irreverent but really shows that even the best of us are fallen and have to strive every day to be better.

Travel - Franklin, Tenn. Love it and it was very safe! Such a sweet place. 

Beauty Product- Hydra Peptide- Yes, it’s oil, and I just about bath in it but I soak my face and neck with it. Sounds like I would break out exactly the opposite!

Family News- Grandbaby #3 healthy and perfect- Garrett Mitchell

Advice to myself- “Don’t Panic, Pivot” (worked out great for me ;)

Fashion: Fabletics and Big Floppy Hats (Do I really need to explain?)

Real Estate- Joining Forbes Council of Real Estate and learning how to profitably Flip Houses!

Technology- Fit Tracker Scale a little scary but keeps me in check

Home Design- Anything with barn doors, denim paint with black wax, white and fuzzy, or ultra-modern. When I was in school they called in Juxtaose I call it being a realtor!

Investments - Check Out stock ticker EXPI ( You’re welcome! ) and of coarse REAL ESTATE in Central Texas

Beauty Hacks in a pandemic- Magnetic eyelashes 

Cars-  New- 2021 Range Rover Sport,  Like those folks at Sewell in Cedar Park! And if you’re looking for fabulous AND preowned go see my good friend Tyler at Luxury Auto Works

Blog- Iman if you’re in real estate. It’s the Automotive News for Realtors

RestaurantThe Grove Wine Bar in Cedar Park- plenty of outside seating and yummy apps and bubbles on the menu

Binge Shopping and wine - The Domain of course! You can’t go wrong with the Rock Rose (Wondering what it is? Then Go already!)

Airlines- Southwest, they are still holding that middle seat that the covid bugs don’t dare jump over. Or if your best friends with Rebecca you can fly private!

Grocery shopping- HEB my absolute favorite. If they could just run the country during this pandemic then we might get through this by 2024!

Neighborhood- The Ranch at Brushy Creek. Oh yes, I have lived here for 8 years but only this year have I spent any time in the hood. I LOVE my neighborhood The parks, people, and vibe make it the best place. 

What to live by me? You know what to do!

Cheapest Gas- Costco- love everything about Costco the gas is a bonus about 20 cents cheaper so after I walk out of Costco it makes me feel better!

Park/Hiking Trails- Champion Park, safe and has a nice 5-mile loop 

Quarantine Advice- “This too shall pass” Not sure who said it originally anyone from Winston Churchhill to Napoleon Hill depending on what Google pulls up. But it’s true...Don’t lose faith, my friends.

Can’t believe you opened in a pandemic award-  Kalahari in Round Rock. It boasts itself to be the largest indoor water park in Texas. I am glad they had the guts and the budget to proceed! It’s a must-visit no matter where you live. 

Charity- Central Texas Table of Grace. The Founder is my former employee and dear friend. We told her story in our book Crushing Mediocrity. If you have a few extra bucks in the budget I highly recommend donating to this emergency shelter for teenagers.

Worship - Celebration Church - online. We love our Pastors Joe and Lori Champion and we believe God WILL heal our land and his people. Can I get an Amen?

The Heros of 2020, The frontline health care workers, the police and firefighters, the school teachers, and ALL the folks that keep ALL essential businesses open, 



That sums up this year’s list. My prayer for each of you reading this is that you make 2021 YOUR year. Not the year of the pandemic 2.0. I believe we have a new normal on planet earth and we are going to have to adjust. Be safe and be confident and don’t lose hope…..I saw this posted at a restaurant pretty damn true:

“During This Coronavirus Pandemic? Remember when the Titanic was sinking and the band continued to play?..... Well We’re The Band 

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