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Dated: December 31 2020

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Today is December 31, 2020. The year that was supposed to be a banner year for many. In fact, many coined it the year of “perfect vision”.

Well a lot of us myself included missed the mark on that prediction. It was a year where many of us faced huge hardships, loss of family and friends, upheaval in our Country, and an election that will be talked about for the next 100 years. But I don’t want to be Debbie Downer and focus on all of that. I do want to acknowledge it and now I want to talk about what I see coming in 2021. You may or may not agree with me ...BUT this is my blog so it’s my predictions. 

So here we go: 

Business: I believe that we have set the course of the new normal. Businesses will be run virtually when possible and people will be working from home from now on. The reports I read and the folks I chat with swear they are more productive working from the corner of the bedroom than in a cubicle. They appreciate the fact they are saving on gas, tolls, parking, and most importantly time. Nobody I have chatted with is working any less in fact most tell me that their employers are doing better because they use that drive time to catch up on calls and emails. The GREAT news is that the December 2020 survey of the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) suggests the economy very well could roar back in the second half of 2021.

“73% percent of panelists believe that the economy will have returned to pre-pandemic GDP levels by the second half of 2021,” reports the NABE. “The 73% is a dramatic improvement from the October survey in which 38% of panelists believed that a full recovery would occur before 2022.”

Friends and family: This is a tough one. We have all missed gatherings, happy hours, parties, conventions, and holidays with friends and family. As we now have a vaccine coming out and many people have antibodies I hope and pray by Q3 2021 we will start to return to some normalcy. I was booked yesterday to speak LIVE at a conference in Las Vegas…. I was SO pumped. This is a Fortune 500 company that has booked a live event for their senior leadership. We all have handled it in the way we saw fit and we will continue to do so. 

Faith: This pandemic has been hard on the churches and the congregations. I am so grateful my church has always had a strong online presence. The good news I NEVER miss a service anymore. I see so many churches of all denominations have ramped up and it looks like that might be here to stay…….

Sporting Events: In the great State of Texas football is our national pastime. It sure has been a huge loss at our house. It looks like the professional sports teams and college teams are also figuring it out. 


Hospitality: I believe this is the hardest hit industry in the pandemic. I miss jumping on a plane and going anywhere I want anytime I want. The hospitality industry is so well named as there are so many wonderful people who have spent their whole careers serving us. I hope and pray we can come back from this massive interruption. Lots of prayers…. 


Retail: 2020 was devastating to retailers. As the world pivots to staying at home, zoom meetings, no parties, and people living in Fabletics we have seen two of my favorite retailers on planet earth shut their doors. Steinmart and Century 21 in New York. I know many others have filed for bankruptcy such as Neiman Marcus. I honestly have no prediction on this one except that I am grateful for Fabletics and target nowadays. My clients would die if they saw me in sweats or workout shorts with my suit jacket on my zoom calls. Can I get an amen??

And last but not least, 

Real Estate: Well 2020 has had its challenges with COVID. We have experienced shutdowns around the country. In Central Texas real estate has been deemed an essential business so we have been working hard (and safely) since the beginning of the pandemic.  The market here is INSANE! Between historic low-interest rates and scarcity of listings, everything has sold quickly and in multiple offers. Our newest citizens in Central Texas Elon Musk and Joe Rogan are proof positive this is the hottest place on planet earth to live! 2021 is going to be a HUGE year as everyone predicts that these rates should hold.


As I close I want to send my sincere thanks to all of you for your continued support of me, my family, and our companies. I am sending good thoughts and prayers for good health and success for 2021.


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